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Artificial Lawns

There was a time when artificial grass was consigned to the top of a green grocers barrow. And to be honest, for a long time that's exactly where it should have stayed!

However the current incarnation of "Non-Infill" artificial grass delivers simply a perfect lawn without any of the maintenance or cutting required by a "real" lawn.

All the benefits - none of the work!

Let's face it cutting, raking, edging, watering and picking up grass cuttings are for most of us a less-than thrilling pastime and there's a million other things you'd rather be doing with our limited time off. Thanks to the latest artificial grass from 365Lawn you can forget the maintenance (well, except for the odd brush over) and enjoy the open space of your lawn whatever the weather.

It's a commonly held belief that a lawn is an environmentally friendly option - but it isn't! While a lawn of natural grass produces oxygen when the sun is shining, the rest of the time it produces very little of value at all. Then there is the Volitile Organic Compounds (VOCs) it produces every time it's cut. These VOCs include methane (swamp gas and, well, you know...), acetone (nail varnish remover) ethanol (grain alcohol) and acytaldehyde - a chemical similar to the toxic preservative formaldehyde.

Add into this chemical cocktail, the fumes and fuel used by the lawnmower and machinery used to cut the grass and it's been proved that a tidy lawn actually produces more greenhouse gasses than it soaks up. But don't just take our word for it...

A leisure environment that actually saves the environment.

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